Expository: My City

Bats dash out from under the bridge. Funnels and funnels of them circling above the water. Thousands and thousands of them fly above my head. It’s amazing to watch as they dart to catch their midnight snacks. This is one of the many reasons my city, Austin Texas, is the best.

My city is known for its talented musicians. You can’t even walk down the street without finding someone playing or listening to music. Every year we have ACL, our music festival. People come from all over to hear our music. At ACL you can find every type of music. Whether you like pop or country. My city can show you a goodtime.

Another way my city is the best, is that everyone belongs. Everyone has somewhere they fit in just right. In Austin you can be whatever you want. And people will line up to show you the way. Every where you turn is something different or new. When I moved here, everyone let me in with open arms and I felt more at home than ever before.

Austin is absolutely the best place to be, especially when your looking for something a little “different”. Austin is the perfect place to make your mark on the world. Whether your looking for a fresh start, great music, or a goodtime. What makes your city great?

One thought on “Expository: My City

  1. Dear Rylie,
    You’ve written a compelling piece about where you live and it makes me want to visit Austin. I love the music aspect of a city and that it is known for that. What a terrific place it must be to live.

    Where else might you want to live? Or do you have a favorite city to which you like to visit?

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